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My Identity

As a designer, it’s important to have a logo and identity that reflect who you are and stand out from the competition. Here’s how I came up with mine. The DC logo is the letter “D” with the letter “C” inside of it. The negative space adds interest and the brackets bring it together as well as hint that I’m web-savvy. The color reflects my personality as people typically describe me as a calm, collected fellow. I did, however, try out a bunch of different color schemes.



This logo can stand for itself but I wasn’t satisfied with just the one. I wanted the logo mark as well as something that wasn’t perfectly square. I came up with the Designerd idea and rolled with it.



I also had a woodblock print that I loved and decided I would like to incorporate it into my identity somehow as well. Seeing as it didn’t necessarily look as professional as the DC logo mark, I decided it could become something of a mascot for my more creative ventures.



Having developed all these things my logo’s were set, I chose my color scheme and ran with it.



Eventually, I dropped the pen and glasses from the designerd logo and incorporated it as block text next to my DC logo as can be seen here in my official style guide: DCstyleguide It’s also reflected on my portfolio site at DevinDC.com.

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