Everything Promotions  |  2013 – 2014

These guys have some big name clients! I got to design for Uber, Renter’s Warehouse and Cowboy Jacks just to name a few. They’re also super cool guys with positive attitudes. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to display all the work I did for them due to the fact that some of these big gun clients don’t want their material to be public. But! I will show you what I can.

I like the typography in this flyer I designed for Cowboy Jack’s St. Cloud, also, it seems as though they have a mean happy hour on Thursday’s.

Picture 6

When Halloween came around it was time to create 6 different posters for the 6 different Cowboy Jack’s locations. The background is a stock photo, but the rest was all me.



I wound up designing some landing screens for the Cowboy Jack’s app. I had to size these correctly for all Android  and iOS phones and tablets in both portrait and landscape mode so I won’t post all of them.



I also designed an app button for use on a phone or tablet. Here are a few different layouts:

CBJappv3                 CBJappv4                 CBJappv5

When they needed a pre-existing logo modified to print better on a cowboy hat, it was go time. I edited this based on their specifications.


Skull logo before


Skull logo after

When New Year’s Eve rolled around, Cowboy Jack’s needed a killer poster for a killer party at their six different locations. This is what I provided.



I created an ad for the 2014 Polar Plunge for Cowboy Jack’s. My Photoshop skills are on display in the initial layout.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 1.37.00 PM

They wanted to tone it down a bit, so the final wound up looking like this:


Budget Marketing Solutions  |  2013

These guys have a good thing going, they’re a print shop located in NE Minneapolis but they do a lot more than just print things. They brought me on as a Graphic Designer to assist their lead designer in 2013. BMS works with a lot of local businesses. They do everything; channel lettering, storefront signage, large format printing, brochures, you name it. It was a great experience working with BMS.

I did a lot of image manipulation working for BMS. This menu showcases layout design as well as image manipulation.

menu back cup foods

I designed this ad for a local lawyer, it went up on the side of a bus stop. He’s almost life size!

Billboard Proofv3

This is a flyer I designed for Crescent Moon, if you’re ever in NE Minneapolis and you’re craving pizza, these guys do it right.

CrescentMoonFlier 4x6 FRONT

I performed layout design, logo design, and image manipulation on this poster for MAS MN.

MAS MN Convention Poster

This is an enormous in-store sign I designed for OrangeTech, it’s hard to avoid large file sizes when you’re dealing with something that’s 8′ x 3′.


I designed this menu brochure for Greek Stop, if you’re in downtown Minneapolis you might see their food truck sometime. I would strongly suggest getting a Gyro.



I performed layout and design with this window cling.


This is a quarter page ad designed for a local newspaper.

Halal Post Quater Page

I designed this flyer for New York Gyro, I really learned to like Gyros working for BMS.

NY Gyro Flyer Front

Diagnostic Group LLC  |  2012 – 2013

My first real design job after four years in college was as a Graphic Design Specialist with Diagnostic Group LLC. The Group, as I started calling them, consisted of five separate companies that all made audiometer equipment. My work was mostly for two of these companies, Maico Diagnostics and Interacoustics. I will admit, it was pretty exciting to see a dual-monitor setup walking in on my first day, and I had all the programs any designer could ask for. I believe these pieces demonstrate my ability to aesthetically layout and design marketing collateral while adhering to brand standards and best practices.

I believe this piece exhibits some pretty cool typography, I also snapped the product shot prior to creating the ad.


This piece demonstrates my skill in photography and image manipulation as I snapped the product photo in the image below and manipulated it in photoshop accordingly. I also designed and laid out the ad.





More image manipulation and layout design is displayed in this brochure on the front, on the back I photographed both the products and performed image manipulation and layout design.





More product photography, image manipulation, and layout design on display in this brochure.




MA41 Back

Here’s one of my favorites when it comes to layout design. Plus, well, that’s one cute baby.

MB11 ad

This one’s an eblast.

MA41 eblast

An informative ad I created for Interacoustics after they implemented their new CVI.


Layout design for an Interacoustics ad prior the new CVI.


More layout design for Interacoustics





I performed layout and design for this Interacoustics ad.


An eblast I created for Interacoustics


Here’s a newsletter I created for Interacoustics: IA Newsletter NovV9

Layout design on display in this Interacoustics ad

IA frenzel

Here’s a few pictures from a Christmas card I created for Interacoustics. I got a little carried away when creating this penguin as they wanted something a bit more professional. He’s cute though isn’t he?



IA penguin


IA penguin2

Layout, product photography, image manipulation and design on display in this catalog: Maico EroScan Classic

I also filmed, edited, and produced an instructional series for the Maico MA25 Audiometer.

Part two:

Part three:

H&H Marketing  |  2012

My first taste of the “real world” in the design field was as a Graphic Design Intern for H&H Marketing. They’re a small, fun company in Burnsville, MN. They had me doing graphic design work for all sorts of business. See for yourself!

I did a few different things for Perske, here’s a couple direct mailers:



In the second one, I went in and embossed their logo with the pen tool, they liked it!


I also performed some image manipulation, note the shadows on their faces.





For Roundbank, I did various flyers and ads, and I designed one of their quarterly newsletters.


In the above flyer I traced the money stack in Illustrator to make it a vector image, allowing me to manipulate it easier. I also designed the flyer and performed some image manipulation on the hand.

Here is the quarterly newsletter I designed for them: H&HRBNL2

I designed this ad for Buckingham. It required imaged manipulation and layout design.


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