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Featured Artist

Two of my favorite things, art and disc golf. Courtesy of MNADGC and Tim SchrederFeatured Artist.

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Monster Drawings

My friend and her daughter came over tonight. We had just under 30 minutes to draw our monsters before it was bedtime. Not bad for such short notice.




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Honey Mustard

Artists see the world through different eyes. We find opportunities in the mundane. Or, maybe, we just like to draw faces in Honey Mustard Sauce.


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The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living

I find this quote by Socrates fitting for this elusive sketch, can you spot it?


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I left this behind in the office when I worked for Perspectives. I hope they got a laugh out of it.


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I have a weird fixation with doors

A door is a powerful symbol. It can be an exit, an entrance, or it can be a gateway to another realm. This door is just pen on folded paper.


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It’s fun to sketch.


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Where I End and You Begin

I’m a huge Radiohead fan. I abide in Minneapolis and my wife and I actually went to St. Louis to see them because that was the closest they were coming to us. I’ll post some pics of that trip later, but for now, here’s a sketch inspired by a song.


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Disc Golf brought to you in a different way.