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Inkology is another example of a group project for school in which I was tasked with creating the brand identity. Every group had to create and develop a fictional ink company and I came up with the name after brainstorming and designing this poster.



And so the name was born. Moving forward, it was time to develop an Inkology logo. Thinking along the lines of beakers and mathematical equations, I eventually came up with this logo.



After deciding to lose the drip on the bottom of them beaker, we decided the logo could be used horizontally, as above, or as this logomark.



Here’s where the rest of the group comes into play, we created a swatch-book for our ink series based off artists we admired. My fellow students did the layout for this book as well as the illustrations, although I did get this illustration in on the Ewok Blue page.



You can view the book here: inkologybookpdf


Riverfront Joe

In this group project for school we were tasked with creating an identity for a fictional coffee shop. The group decided the name should be Riverfront Joe, a coffee shop based in the riverside area of NE Minneapolis. Our boutique coffee shop would double as a venue for musicians and artists and draw people near and far with their headline acts. I was tasked with creating the identity, which is my favorite thing to do.

Here are my initial ideas.


The group chose my personal favorite and we moved ahead with this logo, which is meant to resemble a coffee mug.



After that was settled on, it was time to create some business cards. Note – more fictional addresses, phone numbers and websites, please do not attempt to contact.

riverfrontjoe  riverfrontjoe


Last, we needed a flyer for the big grand opening celebration.


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Office Guy

I created this guy for a Digital Illustration class. I want that tie.



Music in the Zoo

Every year the Minnesota Zoo has a concert. In this class project we had to create a logo for Music in the Zoo.


Aiiiiir Bar

I created this stationary package as part of a class project. I conceived and developed the logo and brand standards as well, more on this project here.


Drawing with Type

These are a couple fun drawings created using only type.

Picture 3

Picture 4


Psychedelia is a fictional book I created for a class project. My love for psychedelic art inspired the creation of this book that would come complete with a little MP3 player, sort of a look and listen approach to a picture book.



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I created this web banner for a school project utilizing photos I had taken.


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This project was a tribute to Hermann Zapf, the legendary typesetter. The full poster here: palatinoproject2


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For some reason the time stamp on this file was December 31st, 1979. Ha!



Disc Golf brought to you in a different way.