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New Painting

It was our 1st unofficial anniversary last week marking 8 years together. Here’s a quick lesson in being a good husband: paint your wife cool paintings and get her Queens of the Stone Age concert tickets.








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Ripo, Typography in Street Art

It’s fun to see a typography blog delve into the realm of street art. Typography Daily recently published an article about Ripo┬áin regards to his use of typography in designing his murals. I must admit I like to see graffiti mimmic type sometimes.

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The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living

I find this quote by Socrates fitting for this elusive sketch, can you spot it?


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Stone Cold Creative, Plush & Kling

Every designer dreams of owning and operating their own design agency. Naturally, as a designer, it’s also fun to dream up logos.



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I created Elevate to boost my portfolio. I’ve been a skateboarder for most of my life and in the world of skateboarding and snowboarding there is some really excellent, genre specific, graphic design. The logo is meant to play off the name, hence the upwards arrow.



While the logo stands on it’s own very nicely, I think it looks great juxtaposed with something that has a more hand-drawn feel to it. As you can see in this mock ad, the two logos look quite nice together.



In the skateboarding design sphere, it’s quite common to see ads that have seemingly nothing to do with skateboarding. This is an advertising tactic that makes the brand stick out in the viewers mind as it’s quite different from the other ads with skateboarding in them.



I plan on creating more pieces for elevate in the future as it’s a fun pet project that I enjoy working on, I’ll keep you posted.

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Music in the Zoo

Every year the Minnesota Zoo has a concert. In this class project we had to create a logo for Music in the Zoo.



Psychedelia is a fictional book I created for a class project. My love for psychedelic art inspired the creation of this book that would come complete with a little MP3 player, sort of a look and listen approach to a picture book.



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Disc Golf brought to you in a different way.